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Structural Analysis NMR Data Analysis GROMACS Analytic Tools MD Analysis

3-D Structure Analysis Servers (

(Structure Annotation Tools, Structural Analysis, Domain Prediction, Globularity and Assembly Analysis, Hinge & Flexibility, Surface & Cavity Analysis, Binding Pocket and Binding Site Prediction, Ligand Interaction, Sites & Motifs, Interface Analysis, Contact Maps, Solvent Accessibility, Functional & Conserved Residues, Effects of Mutations, Disulphide Bonds, Metal Bindind Sites)

Structural Analysis by EMBL(European Molecular Biology Laboratory) (

The following are links to the various structural analysis tools we have available at the EBI.

Stuctural Analysis and Verification Server (

(Procheck, What_check, Verify_3D, Errat, Prove)

PDBsum (

PDBsum provides an at-a-glance overview of every macromolecular structure deposited in the Protein Data Bank (PDB), giving schematic diagrams of the molecules in each structure and of the interactions between them.